Terms and Conditions
for On-Site Training Courses offered by
Therapy Training School

Updated on: 27.08.2015

1. Agreement to terms and conditions

All bookings are made via the Therapy Training School (TTS) website where each applicant is required to state that they have read, understood and agree to the following terms and conditions (inc. contraindications) before being able to complete a booking for any of our courses.

2. Group courses

Unless otherwise stated, group courses are open to both genders (women & men). Learning massage requires direct physical contact with others and necessitates the removal of various items of clothing. Any student who does not wish to work upon a person of the opposite gender (for any reason) is NOT suitable for class training and MUST choose either a ‘women only’ course or arrange solo (or bespoke) training.

3. ‘Women only’ courses

In the interests of embracing equality and diversity Therapy Training School now offers ‘women only’ courses in Swedish full body massage and Indian head massage. The teachers for these courses are female and these courses are open to females only.

4. Solo (and bespoke) courses

Bespoke courses can allow for variations in some aspects of training, but unless these are agreed prior to booking, the training structure and content would be the same as for a group course. Solo training requires the student to bring a massage model with them on the training day(s). The student will also be required to receive the complete therapy and/or massage routine, as demonstrated by the teacher.

5. Reasonable expectations

a. Therapy Training School has the reasonable expectation that all students are aware of the requirements of giving and receiving the therapy they wish to learn. In many cases there are tutorial video clips available on the TTS You Tube Chanel where students can view the practical techniques that they will be required to practice upon fellow students and also receive themselves. It is the responsibility of each student to find out what will be expected of them before booking any course.

b. Each student who books on a training course agrees to present themselves in a fit state to receive and deliver massage, requiring no special consideration for physical infirmity, incapacity, hyper-sensitivity, disability, dysfunction or disinclination to perform any of the required procedures.

c. Each student is requested to offer feedback to their fellow students in order to prove personal understanding of each technique and to help maximize the learning potential of all fellow students. We expect this interaction to be polite, friendly and constructive.

6. License to practice therapy

Some London boroughs require therapists to have a license and specific qualifications (ie: VTCT, NVQ or Level 3). It is each student’s responsibility to check if a short course, offering a Diploma, will meet the requirements of their local council or any employer that they wish to work for. This must be done before booking on a training course because refunds are not available to any student who has commenced or completed a course, who then decides that it does not meet with their requirements.

7. Contraindications overview

All students must read and understand the list of general contraindications which apply to every training course, the additional and course-specific specific contra-indications and the advisory conditions. All students must confirm that they do not have any contraindication to training (unless discussed with Therapy Training School and also pre-approved and supported by a GP’s letter). If a student arrives at any course with a contra-indication which cannot be safely worked around then they would not be permitted access to the training course and in this instance a refund would not be available. Please note: Some contraindications (or advisory conditions) apply to group training only and the student might still be able to proceed with solo training. This must be discussed with TTS before booking.

8. Payment options for course fees

a. Course fees can be paid via PayPal (even if you do not have a PayPal account) or by phone with a debit or credit card, or by direct bank transfer.

b. Courses can be paid in two equal instalments. The first 50% payment is a non-refundable deposit which will secure the booking and which gives access to download the training manual and complete the on-line test. The second payment is required no less than 7 days before the course date.

9. Cancellation (or rescheduling) of a training course by the student

a. Once a student has been given access to the course materials the course fees cannot be reimbursed if the student wishes to cancel their course.

b. Not showing up on the training day (for any reason) is subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

c. Rescheduling with less than 2 weeks’ notice (prior to the course date) is subject to a 100% cancellation fee. In this situation, courses may not be rescheduled.

d. Rescheduling with 2 weeks’ notice (or more) prior to the course date is subject to a £25.00 admin fee. Alternative dates at the same, or another, venue will be offered to the student. If alternative dates are unsuitable the student may complete the course via home study (If/where available).

10. Cancellation (or rescheduling) of a training course by Therapy Training School

From time to time, there may not be sufficient bookings to allow a training day to proceed. (All massage courses require a minimum of 2 students). If this is the case, the following conditions would apply:

a. Notice will be given (via e-mail, phone and text) at least 7 days before the training date.

b. Students would be given the opportunity to reschedule their training to the next available date at their chosen venue or to select another date and/or venue for their course.

c. If solo training is available at their chosen venue then the student may opt for their course to proceed as a solo course. A supplemental solo training fee may be required and students must bring a model. Some 2-day courses may be delivered on just 1 day if a student opts for solo training.

d. If there is no available date for rescheduling then students will be offered the opportunity to complete the training course via distance learning. Any difference in course fees will be re-imbursed.

e. If the distance learning option is not available then students will be fully reimbursed.

11. Cancellation of pre-booked travel and accommodation

As a result of unforeseen circumstances, (such as insufficient number of bookings, or illness of teacher or other students) courses may be cancelled with little or no notice. For this reason we recommend to all students that bookings for travel and accommodation should be made which allow for late cancellation, as we cannot be held accountable for non-refundable expenses relating to train, hotel or flight bookings.

12. Health and Safety (including nail varnish, piercings and jewellery protocols)

In the interests of health and safety for all students the following conditions apply to all training courses:

a. Students are required to shower or bathe on the morning(s) of the training course for all courses involving massage. Additional exfoliation with body scrubs or exfoliating gloves is recommended.

b. Piercings in the ears, nose, belly-button, neck or face area must be removed on or before the training day(s) if massage is to be performed on or near the pierced areas.

c. Any jewellery on the body which cannot be removed easily on the day of training must be removed prior to the day. This includes bracelets, necklaces, rings (including wedding rings). Please do not ask to keep any item of jewellery on as this will be a breach of health and safety protocols.

d. Braided bracelets, necklaces or ankle braids which cannot be untied must be cut off before training.

e. Only natural nails are permitted for any course involving massage. Maximum length: 2mm of growth. In special circumstances (and by pre-arrangement only) a student may be permitted to retain false nails (gel nails), but only if they do not exceed the maximum length of 2mm.

f. Nail varnish is not permitted. Fingernails AND toenails must be unvarnished. Nail varnish can make it difficult to identify a fungal infection of the nail bed. Nail varnish can also quickly become unsightly as it flakes off and may adhere to a recipient’s skin during massage.

g. Students must be in a fit condition (both mentally and physically) to complete a training course.

13. Visiting the venue before the training date(s)

Therapy Training School offers many types of training venues in the UK. Some of these venues are within a teacher’s home or private property. Whilst we understand that students may wish to familiarise themselves with the route to the venue we politely ask that students do not attempt to contact the teacher or visit the training venue before the course date as the teacher may be engaged in other work.

14. On the day of training

It is the responsibility of each student to make sure that they know the route to the training venue and that they arrive in good time. Map and directions to all of our venues are available at our website. Access is granted to all venues 30 minutes before the start of training (start time is 10.00am) and students are politely requested to arrive at the venue with at least 15 minutes to spare before the course begins. In the event of arriving earlier than 9.30am students are requested to seek refreshments in a nearby café or hotel. (If available, these are identified in the venue details at the student area of the website).

15. Late arrival

If, due to unforeseen circumstances you find that you may be arriving late for a course then you should contact the trainer IMMEDIATELY. You must make contact before 10.00am (the start time for the course). If you arrive any later than 30 minutes after the start time then you may not be able to fully participate with the course (though you may observe training in the morning and participate in the afternoon if practical) and may require to attend a future training date where a small discount may be available. This is entirely at the discretion of Therapy Training School. Lateness can often be avoided by checking the route to the venue well in advance and researching alternative routes if delays seem likely.

16. Permissible use of training and training materials

Therapy Training School offers practitioner training courses to students to provide them with the skills for delivering therapy. Our courses are not intended to permit students to deliver training themselves. All course materials are intended for reference purposes when delivering therapy. Unauthorised copying, distribution or other use of training materials will be seen as a serious breach of copyright.

17. Copyright

All copyright and other intellectual copyrights of all printed or electronic training materials are owned by (or licensed by) Therapy Training School. Copying, adaptation or other use of all or any part of these materials without the express, written permission of Therapy Training School is prohibited. We have a strict policy of prosecuting any and all infringements.

18. Photographing or videoing (with i-phone, tablet or any other device)

Students are NOT PERMITTED to take pictures or to film fellow students (or procedures) on any courses.

19. General contra-indications (these apply to all courses)

Therapy Training School reserves the right to withhold training if any of the following health and safety contra-indications are present in any student who attends a training course. It is the responsibility of each student to check the contra-indications before booking a course as fees cannot be re-imbursed after the student has downloaded their training manual. ALL of the general contraindications apply to ALL students unless agreed otherwise by both parties (in writing) prior to the training date.

· Pregnancy (ALL STAGES).

· Any physical disability or restriction of any kind, in any part of the body, which prevents free movement for delivering (and receiving) ALL of the massage techniques of each training course.

· ALL infectious diseases and ANY infectious condition.

· Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

· Extensive wounds, cuts, bruises or abrasions to hands and/or feet, or in any of the treatment areas.

· Extensive (or recent/severe) inflammation anywhere in the body (inc. severe, localised sunburn).

· Central nervous disorders, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinsonism.

· Trapped, pinched or inflamed nerve.

· Numbness, tingling or reduced sensitivity in the extremities or in any treatment area.

· Thrombosis/embolism or phlebitis, recent stroke, hemorrhage or blood clots.

· Excessively high or low blood pressure, dizziness and/or nausea.

· Serious heart conditions/circulatory disorders/severe varicose veins.

· Paranoia, psychosis or schizophrenia.

· High temperature or fever.

· Cancer (active or in remission) and ongoing treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation (unless sanctioned by GP or other healthcare professional).

· Osteoporosis, spondylitis, severe rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis.

· Any undiagnosed condition or illness.

· Hypertension, diabetes and epilepsy.

· Broken, infected skin as in acne, eczema and/or psoriasis, as this presents a health and safety risk.

· Head lice or nits.

· Cardio-vascular conditions such as: thrombosis, phlebitis, hypertension, and hypotension.

· Haemophilia and medical oedema.

· Recent head injury or neck injury (including whiplash).

· Recent operations/surgery: anywhere in the body.

· Asthma (unless very mild).

· Undiagnosed headaches including lumps or swellings especially in the case of recent severe pain.

· Kidney infections.

· Slipped or herniated disc.

· Diarrhea and/or vomiting.

20. Additional and course-specific contraindications

a. All massage courses:

· Extremely ticklish feet which you would not be able to have massaged by a fellow student.

b. Aromatherapy:

· Sensitive skin: Any student with sensitive skin is required to undertake a patch test.

c. Hot stones massage:

· Heat sensitivity (or very poor sensitivity to heat).

d. Indian head massage & ear candle therapy:

· Facial acne, facial piercings, dental pain or post-surgery dental sensitivity.

e. Ear candle therapy:

· Perforated (or lack of) eardrum, ventilation tubes, auricular drains (paracentesis) or grommets, recent ear surgery, auricular cysts, acute mastoiditis, otosclerosis or otospongiosis (ankylosis of the stapes), ear tumor, implants or any recent dental work that has created sensitivity, allergy to bee products or candles (cotton, beeswax, honey, St. John’s Wort, sage chamomile)

· Any other condition which may affect treatment (If in doubt: see your GP or health professional)

f. Thai full body massage, Sports massage and Acupressure:

· Sensitivity to firm massage. Students must be in a fit state to give and receive VERY firm massage.

21. Advisory conditions (please let us know if any of the following apply to you)

· Shaved head, or baldness, as this can impact a person’s learning experience in Indian head massage.

· Hair weaves, braided hair, a wig, extensions or hairpiece. (Wigs cannot be worn on some courses)

· Sensitivity or allergy to grapeseed oil or aqueous cream (for massage courses).

· Recent (slight) scar tissue.

· Localised swelling or mild inflammation.

· Varicose veins (mild).

· Prosthetics and orthotics. Colostomy, stoma (and other ostomy) bags.

· Any condition, which is being treated by a GP, which could impact training.

Please note: The conditions mentioned above are by no means fully comprehensive and that if there is any existing condition which you think might constitute a risk to you or to your fellow students you should contact head office on 0845 226 3132. Please note that we would rather be informed about a condition and be in a position to offer useful advice beforehand, than be required to withhold access to any training course in the interests of health and safety for the teacher and all participants.

22. Guarantees

Therapy Training School guarantees to respond to all enquiries in a timely manner. Complaints procedure:

By phone: +44 (0)845 226 3132

By e-mail: info@therapytrainingschool.com

By letter: Therapy Training School, 96 Church Road, Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST3 3BB