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Chakra Balancing - Home Learning Certificate - £99

Fully accredited Certificate Course
Learn how to balance your Chakra System

Bring health, balance and harmony into your life

Accredited for insurance purposes by: Accredited by the IICTAccredited by the INHA

Our Chakra Balancing home learning course for beginners gives you a fantastic opportunity to integrate this beautiful healing system into your life. This amazing course guides your body, mind and senses along the colourful journey of the Chakras. Using wonderfully simple techniques you will explore colour, sound, breath and movement to help you to release negative energies trapped deep within your body. The mystery surrounding each of your Chakras is revealed and you begin the astonishing healing process as you learn to direct cleansing and balancing energy into all of your body's systems.


This course is fantastic if you wish to incorporate Chakra healing into your treatment methods for clients. It is also a great way of maintaining your own health and sense of well-being.The Chakras are cone-shaped vortices within the body, located within our energy system, which collect energy from the world around us and direct that energy in and around our physical body and all of our subtle bodies.


This Chakra Balancing course helps you to interact with your 7 main Chakras which are often referred to simply as 'The Chakras'. You will learn how to recognise imbalance in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


The course provides detailed background on theories of energy and the Chakras, how to detect imbalance, how to bring balance to secific chakras, breathing exercises, guided meditations and visualisations to help you establish a healthy vibration in each of the Chakras. Regular practice of these skills will help you to maintain a cleared, balanced and energised Chakra system leading to an enduring experience of health, happiness and well-being.

  • Quick Overview

  • Home Learning Certificate in Chakra Balancing.
    Easy & fun to learn.
    No previous experience or qualifications are required for you to study this course

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    What do I get? You get access to the student area of our website where you can download the course guidance notes and electronic PDF version of the course manual. Once you have passed your theory test you will receive a Certificate in the post within 5 working days.

  • How It Works

  • The theory test: Study your course manual at home and complete a theory test paper online. You can retake the test as many times as you like until you reach the pass mark and at no extra charge.


    Clients consultation and case studies: There are no client consultation nor case studies to complete with this course.


    Practical: As with all of our home learning courses there is no practical instruction provided. You study everything from home by following the detailed guidelines provided along with the information in your course manual.


    What qualification do I get? This is intended to be a self-development course and so does not offer a qualification. You can however integrate what you learn into other therapy disciplines such as Reiki & Crystal Healing.

    Course Modules

    This is the background and theory that you study at home and then complete an online test paper.

    Module 1
    Introduction to Energy

    Module 2
    What are the Chakras?

    Module 3
    Energy sensing practical exercise

    Module 4
    Ways of working with the Chakras

    Module 5
    Chakra balancing exercise for all Chakras

    Module 6
    The Chakras - name, colour, organ

    Module 7
    The Chakras - theme, essential oil, crystal, note

    Module 8
    The Chakras - yantra, balance, imbalance

    Module 9
    Working with each individual Chakra

    Module 10
    Balance and integration

    Additional information
    Hints and tips
    Get inspired!


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    Chakras When In Balance

    1st Chakra - Grounded & strong instincts

    2nd Chakra - Good relationships

    3rd Chakra - Strong self-esteem & willpower

    4th Chakra - Self-love, harmony, trust, growth

    5th Chakra - Clear feelings & expression

    6th Chakra - Psychic, intuitive, altruistic

    7th Chakra - Compassionate, non-reactive

    Health Benefits of Chakra Balancing

    Helps to calm IBS and other common bowel complaints

    Helps reduce feelings of anxiety and nervousness

    Helps eating disorders to be understood and released

    Alleviates dysfunctions of circulatory system and lungs

    Improves disorders of the thyroid, oesophagus & teeth

    Alleviates poor vision, headaches and confusion

    Clears congestion in the brain and help with psychoses

  • Accreditation & Certificate

  • Therapy Training School is an approved training provider, and our training courses throughout the UK are recognised and accredited for insurance purposes by UK governing bodies such as: International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the International Natural Healers Association (INHA). Insurance can also be obtained for the UK via Towergate Insurance and Westminster Indemnity. You will be able to practice as a self-employed therapist or mobile therapist. Always check with your potential employer (or local council) to ensure that this Home Learning Certificate will be accepted by them.

    Accredited by the IICTAccredited by the INHA

  • More Information

  • Course duration: No time limits
    Test paper: Complete online from your home
    Accreditation: IICT & INHA
    Membership & Insurance: Available from IICT & INHA
    Insurance: Also available from Westminster Indemnity, or Towergate Insurance
    Suitable for: Self-development
    Previous experience: No previous experience or qualifications are required for you to study this course


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