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Therapy Training School - our policy to help ensure student and teacher health and safety
Corona Careful

Stay Alert. Control the Virus. Save Lives

Our new policy will help to ensure a much safer environment for our students when attending class or solo training courses with our company.


The UK Government and various health organisations have already identified the simple actions that need to be taken in order for individuals to minimise the risk of being exposed to the virus. By implementing and adhering to these simple guidelines in our Corona Careful policy, both students and teachers can be reassured that they will have a safe place to enjoy the learning experience.

  • For - Students

  • We are going the extra mile to provide a safe and hygienic environment for all our students and teachers. These are the measures we have currently put into place to enhance health and safety for anyone who is attending our training courses. You will also have to undertake 2 separate Covid-19 health screenings. During an initial health check and again 48 hours before attending a practical training course. You may also be screened verbally on the morning of your course by the teacher.


    1. 1. To ensure your peace of mind and safety

    Our teachers will be able to provide hand sanitiser/wipes and regular access to hand washing facilities.

    Our teachers will refuse entry to any student who is exhibiting cold/flu symptoms.


    1. 2. When attending a training course

    Take along the following PPE:


    i) Disposable face masks (3-layer, individually wrapped, medical/surgical)
    ii) Disposable gloves (Vinyl/Nitrile)
    iii) Protective Face Shield Full Protection (Visor)
    iv) Disposable Polythene Aprons


    Please refer to our terms and conditions for a full explanation of the PPE required to take along to your practical training. View here >

    When travelling to your course, follow the advice from WHO, with respect to travelling.

    Do not turn up to a training course if you are suffering from flu or fever symptoms, as you will be refused entry. Instead, call 111 (NHS) immediately. Follow their instructions and then contact our head office for advice regarding your course.


    1. 3. Social distancing during the lunch break:

    If a venue can provide sufficient space for students to eat a packed lunch whilst remaining socially distanced this will be clearly explained in the course detail provided after booking your course. Alternatively, you will be provided with a list of cafes,restaurants and shops nearby.


    1. 4. If you are booked on to a course please contact us immediately if:

    * You have holidayed or travelled abroad in the past 21 days.

    * You are feeling unwell and are unable to attend your training course.

    * You are self-isolating due to advice from a healthcare professional.


    Follow these links for further advice and information regarding the Coronavirus or to obtain an isolation note.




  • Our - Teachers

    Our teachers have been provided with all of the latest information from WHO and various health organisations so that they are fully informed of the current situation.


    Our teachers have confirmed that they have not recently travelled to any of the Countries with confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.


    Our teachers have confirmed their commitment to ensuring that they will provide a safe and sanitised environment from which to teach. This will include:


    1. Sanitising all equipment and surfaces within the teaching and hospitality areas.

    2. Providing access to hand washing facilities and disposable paper towels.

    3. Adhering to stringent health and safety protocols, should any student be symptomatic of any kind of cold/flu/viral infection.

    4. Ensuring that they themselves are not symptomatic of any cold/flu/viral infection.

    5. Wearing a face mask and/or face shield at all times.

    6. Providing additional PPE for students if required at a small fee.