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We have compiled the top ten frequently asked questions which students have asked before and after a training course (and this also includes some general questions about training courses). We hope that this will be of use to all students who are either considering booking a course with us, or have just booked a course on-line. We try at all times to make our training courses as easy-to-follow as possible so that each person's experience of training is a pleasant and productive one.


Before Training Top 10 questions

Question No 1: I have no experience in massage or complementary therapy. Can I do your training courses?
Answer: Yes you can! Most of our courses are suitable for both beginners as well as experienced and practicing therapists. We don't assume that you have any pre-existing knowledge and we tell you (and show you) everything you need to know. However, some courses do require you to have prior experience or qualifications. Please refer to the appropriate course detail page for details of these requirements.

Question No 2: I have researched therapy training and some courses last for weeks, months or even longer. How can Therapy Training School teach me all I need to know in 1 or 2 days?
Answer: There are several ways we can ensure that we teach you everything you need to know in a short space of time.
Firstly: When your booking is confirmed, you are given immediate access to all course materials including your training manual (which you can download from the secure student area of our website). After studying the manual you are then requested to complete the on-line test for your course. This ensures that you are fully familiar with the course material before you attend your practical training day, or days.
Secondly: Classes range from 2 participants in some venues to a maximum of 8 participants in others. This means that you get maximum time and attention from the teacher and the highest quality of tuition at all times.
Thirdly: There are video tutorial files to accompany some of the courses we offer which are freely available to view via our You Tube channel.

Question No 3: I don't have a printer. Can I get a printed version of the manual sent to me in the post?
Answer: A PDF version of your manual is included free with each course. You are welcome to take your PDF along to a local printer and have them print it for you (at your own expense).

Question No 4: How can I book onto one of your courses?
Answer: Please visit our website: and click on the course that you are interested in. Select your preferred venue and then click on the “Book Now” button next to the date which you would like to book. You will then get the opportunity to complete the on-line registration form to let us know your contact details.

At this stage you should also read our Terms and Conditions (click on the link at the bottom of the registration form). Our Terms and Conditions document also includes information on contraindications. It is important to read this information so that you know if it is safe for you to both give and receive therapy during a training course. Once you have submitted your registration form you will be guided to a PayPal payment page. You can make payment for your course at this stage (using a debit or credit card) and you do not even need to have a PayPal account. If you have selected the option to pay by phone (again: using a debit or credit card) then we will call you between your preferred hours. Once payment is made your booking is secured.

Question No 5: What happens once I've paid my deposit?
Answer: If you choose to pay 50% of the payment as a deposit to secure your place on a course, you will still get full access to the course materials. You will then be contacted for the remaining payment no later than 2 weeks before your course date so that you can attend the practical training for your course.

Question No 6: What do I need to do before my training course?
Answer: This is very important but also very easy. To ensure that you know everything that you need to for each training course and to ensure that you are properly prepared, please log on to the student area and go to the ‘my training courses’ tab and choose “view my courses” from the drop down menu, where you should read steps 1-6 carefully and make sure that you have read and completed each required step: They are designed to make your training experience easier and smoother. These are detailed below:

Step 1: Confirm your name and contact details and let us know how you wish your name to appear on your Diploma. If you don’t complete this step then your name on the diploma appears as you originally typed it into the registration form.

Step 2: Confirm that you have no contraindications in order to participate with the training course. There is a link at this step to the contraindications.

Step 3: Download your course manual and print it. Do this asap as you cannot download it again after the day of training.

Step 4: Study your course manual and other relevant materials. If your course has a related theory test the teacher will email/post this to you before your practical training.

Step 5: Read what you should bring along on the day of training and make sure you are well prepared for the training day. For example: you need to know what size of towels you should bring and if we advise you to bring additional footwear, shower, exfoliate or to trim fingernails or toenails etc.

Step 6: Print the venue information (including map and directions) and the course details. This includes the teachers name and mobile number. It is important to print this information because it may be your only link to the teacher if Therapy Training School Head Office is closed when your course is taking place (ie: on a Saturday and/or Sunday).

Question No 7: Do I need to have any previous experience before doing any of the training courses?
Answer: For many of the courses offered by Therapy Training School there is no need to have any previous experience before booking. All courses include supervised hands-on practice for each student of all relevant techniques, from the point of view of the recipient and the therapist.

However, with some courses you may need to evidence prior learning or qualifications. Please refer to the appropriate course detail page for details.

Question No 8: Do I need to have insurance before doing any of the courses?
Answer: There is no need to have insurance cover in place to learn a complementary therapy, only to practice it professionally. If you wish to practice professionally it is necessary to have insurance in place. This will allow you to have referrals made to you by Therapy Training School if you wish. Referrals are made via our on-line database of therapists ( ) which you can join free after passing any course of study with Therapy Training School.

Question No 9: What do I need to bring along to a training course?
Answer: This will vary according to what course you are doing. Please check Step 5 for on-site training for this information.

Question No 10: What can I do if I need to cancel my booking or reschedule my training date?
Answer: Please see the Terms and Conditions document for available options.

After Training Top 10 questions

Question No 1: Do I get a qualification after I finish my training?
Answer: Once you have successfully passed both the theory test (if applicable) and practical training the teacher will award your qualification. This will usually be posted to you within 5-7 working days.

Question No 2: Can I work anywhere in the UK with this qualification?
Answer: Yes: If you want to work as a self-employed therapist from your own home premises or as a travelling therapist who makes home visits to clients. If however you want to work in a high street spa or salon you may be required to have a College qualification. Colleges offer longer courses (a year or more) and award ITEC, NVQ or VTCT. It's your responsibility to research which type of qualification you need.

Question No 3: I want to work abroad once I have trained and qualified in a number of different therapies. Will my diplomas be recognised around the world?
Answer: Many countries around the world have very specific regulations about qualifications required for working there. In some countries an employer cannot offer you work unless you have a specific qualification and in some you cannot get insurance to work without having specific qualifications.

These safety protocols vary enormously from country to country, making it an impossible task to create one qualification which is accepted world-wide. The best that you can do is to ask the Embassy of the country that you intend to work in what are the requirements of that country.

Question No 4: What does my qualification entitle me to do?
Answer: Our TTS Diplomas allow yout to practice the therapy professionally, though they must source their own insurance before being able to have referrals made to them by Therapy Training School. The Diploma and course work do not qualify students to teach the therapy themselves. Other qualifications such as VRQ & NVQ provide other employment opportunities. It is your own responsibility to research this yourself before booking a course in order to ascertain the suitability of the course and qualification offered.

Question No 5: I would like to train with Therapy Training School in Swedish full-body massage and then train with another company in Sports Massage. Will this qualification let me train with another company?
Answer: Unfortunately we have no knowledge of, or control over, the requirements of other training companies or organisations. It is the responsibility of the student to check this out before booking on any of our courses to ensure that they are suitable for developmental training with another company.

Question No 6: Where can I obtain insurance to practice where relevant?
Answer: Information on insurance options is available on the website. As we are constantly researching the most comprehensive cover offered at the least expensive prices, please e-mail us for the most up-to-date information on insurance cover if you do not see an option which is suitable for you.

Question No 7: Can your courses be added to my existing insurance cover?
Answer: This depends on your insurance provider. Complementary therapy organisations often offer their own insurance policies to members. If you are already insured with an organisation it is wise to ask them if their cover can be extended to include our courses. Do this before booking a course as you cannot be re-imbursed for training costs after you have clicked on the link to download your manual.

Question No 8: What if I have questions after the course is complete?
Answer: Any student who has completed a training course at Therapy Training School can ask questions via e-mail after the course is complete. This can be done directly with your teacher.

Question No 9: Do I need to complete case studies after the course is finished?
Answer: Some courses will require you to do continued study after the practical training. Please refer to the appropriate course detail page for information.

Question No 10: It is not convenient for me to travel very often. What options do I have if I want to do further studies?
Answer: Some of our courses are available to do as a distance learning option (working from home). Please see our website for the most up-to-date listing of available courses.