Terms and Conditions
for Home Learning (Online/Distance) Courses offered by
Therapy Training School

Version 1.8.2017

It is understood that all students must read and agree to the following terms and conditions before being accepted for Home Learning (Online/Distance) Training Courses. (All purchases are made via our website which means that these terms and conditions will have been read, understood and agreed to by every student as a necessary step before being able to complete the purchase of any course).
Please note: The terms 'Home Learning', 'Distance Learning' and 'Online Courses' are hereby understood to be synonymous.

After sales service
After purchasing a Therapy Training School Home Learning Training Course all students will be provided with: 

Password access to full training course materials (in PDF format) in their chosen therapy.

Option to purchase a printed copy of any training course manual.

Assistance and advice via e-mail to get up and running with the course.

Access to video of techniques (where available) for training purposes. These will be a chargeable service provided via the Vimeo service.

Access to a select range of recommended products required for delivering a range of therapies.

On-line test paper
Before students can proceed with their case study it is essential that they pass their theory test. All test papers can be completed on-line (except Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Masters, which will be e-mailed to students).

Even though you may receive instant on-line notification of your result, this is not a guarantee that your test has been successfully submitted to Therapy Training School. It is essential that you press the “SUBMIT” button after you complete your test paper. Once this is done, your test paper is submitted for marking and you will receive an e-mail from Therapy Training School and a link to your case study papers will appear so that you can complete your case study.

Case study requirements
Guidelines are given in each manual regarding how to conduct a case study. The following points are a general summary of requirements:

A case study is a series of treatments that are given to a friend or family member (known as “the recipient”) by the student. At this stage the student is not qualified to deliver the therapy professionally and should therefore not charge a fee to the recipient for these treatments. 

Whilst the best case studies are those which address imbalances within the recipient, the recipient must be in a fit state to receive therapy. They should not have any contra-indications to receiving therapy.

Recipients must receive the full therapy and commit to receiving the full number of therapy treatments specified and required for a case study.

Recipients must agree to give full and complete feedback to the student after each therapy received so that complete course records can be submitted for marking.

Where products are required by the student in order to deliver therapy it is the responsibility of the student to purchase products which are safe. 

Our guarantee to you
Therapy Training School guarantees to respond to all enquiries in a timely manner and in a polite fashion. We expect that each student will also communicate with us in a timely manner and in a polite fashion.

Permissible use of training materials
Therapy Training School offers practitioner training courses to students to provide them with the skills for delivering therapy. Our courses are not intended to permit students to deliver training courses themselves, therefore any and all course materials are intended only for reference purposes when delivering therapy. Unauthorised use of training materials will be seen as a serious breach of copyright.

All copyright and other intellectual copyrights of all printed and electronic training materials are owned by (or licensed by) Therapy Training School. Copying, adaptation or other use of all or any part of these materials without the express written permission of Therapy Training School is prohibited. We have a strict policy of prosecuting any and all infringements.

Your obligation
It is your own responsibility to ensure that the home learning course you have chosen will meet your individual needs and that it will be recognised by your preferred (or existing) insurer. We cannot offer a refund if having purchased the course you later discover that it does not meet your needs and/or that your preferred (or existing) insurer cannot provide cover.

Cancellation rights
Once you have made payment for your course and received access to your training materials we understand that the service has been commenced and therefore purchasers lose the right to cancel with refund. For further information see: (Exceptions to) Distance Selling Regulations 2000, (search via Google)

Complaints procedure
By letter: 
FAO: K. Hemmings
Complaints Dept
Therapy Training School, 96 Church Road, Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST3 3BB, UK

By e-mail: FAO: K. Hemmings
??? need to decide which email address

Therapist Insurance
Available from Westminster Indemnity: www.insurance-therapytrainingschool.com
Please note that The Guild of Holistic Therapists does not provide cover for Home Learning Courses.
If you are a practicing therapist and are already insured please check that your insurance company will extend your insurance to provide cover for a therapy which you have learned via a Home Learning Course.

Demands and Needs
Our Home Learning Courses are ideal should you wish to practice as a self-employed therapist. If however you intend to work within a salon or spa, particularly in central London (UK), you should ensure that our course diplomas are accepted by the establishment for which you wish to work. We also advise that you contact your local district council to find out what compliance may be required for you to practice as a therapist.

Our Home Learning Courses meet the demands and needs of an individual in the beauty and complementary therapy industry wishing to insure against public, products and professional treatment liability risks. However you will also need to decide if our diploma courses meet your individual requirements.


Therapy Training School guarantees to respond to all enquiries in a timely manner. Complaints procedure:

By phone: +44 (0)845 226 3132

By e-mail: info@therapytrainingschool.com

By letter: Therapy Training School, 96 Church Road, Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST3 3BB