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We have compiled the top ten frequently asked questions which students have asked before and after a training course (and this also includes some general questions about training courses). We hope that this will be of use to all students who are either considering booking a course with us, or have just booked a course on-line. We try at all times to make our training courses as easy-to-follow as possible so that each person's experience of training is a pleasant and productive one.


Quality Assured Training Materials
Therapy Training School courses are accredited by The Guild of Professional Beauty and Holistic Therapists for membership and insurance purposes. Successful candidates from the school can be assured that they can obtain insurance and membership on completion of their training at the school as the courses have been carefully assessed and meet our membership and insurance criteria. The course manuals that students receive as part of the learning package are very professional and no attention to detail has been spared. The notes contain high quality photos and illustrations to help the learner progress with ease through to completion of their chosen subject. "

Lynne Archer - Director of The GHT


Tai Chi and Qigong One-day Workshop
Therapy Training School, the Staffordshire NHS Condition Management Programme experience. Staffordshire NHS Condition Management Programme (CMP) offers advice, education and support to people with long-term health conditions, so that they can understand and manage their condition more effectively and be more confident about returning to work. The programme is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team in community settings across Staffordshire. The CMP can support a range of conditions, including mild-moderate mental health, musculo-skeletal and cardio-respiratory. In September 2008 the team participated in a one-day training event provided by Therapy Training School. The day provided a comprehensive overview of the background history of Tai Chi, breathing and relaxation exercises and a range of basic Tai Chi & Qigong exercises. These have now become incorporated into the practitioners practice at many of our programmes of workshops for customers. The practitioners are gaining in confidence in teaching the full range of exercises; and, on the whole, the customers feedback is that they enjoy and value Tai Chi as a form of exercise. The day provided a team building opportunity, as well as training in the use of an alternative form of exercise to use in groups. "

Margaret Brett: Clinical Team Manager


Indian Head Massage Training
As part of our summer programme the Piccadilly Womens Group, a social and support group for asylum seeking and refugee women living in North Staffordshire, was fortunate enough to have Karen Hemmings attend to deliver two short courses in Indian Head Massage. Karens expertise was very evident in her ability to convey the course to women, many of whom do not speak English, by using many different forms of communication such as pictures, body language and demonstrations. The women who attended commented on Karens enthusiasm and kind nature which made the course that much more enjoyable. Karens course was particularly valuable to us because she made Indian Head Massage available to a community who would not have normally been able to access it. The women who attend the group have experienced extreme trauma and stress in their lives and Karen has now empowered them to assist each other and their communities in releasing tension and feeling better equipped to deal with stress. In addition to feeling relaxed and stress free they left the sessions certificate in hand, feeling proud and eager to apply their new skills for friends and family, As part of our mission to reduce inequalities in health by making services more accessible to asylum seekers and refugees in Stoke-on-Trent, Karens Indian Head Massage course has been very beneficial. I hope to include her in our summer schedule next year for the Piccadilly Womens Group. Thanks Karen, Kind regards "

Sarah Pasternak, Senior Programme Leader HIV/AIDS