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Get qualified and ready to work for only £125.00


Obtain Your Reflexology Certificate Qualification with this Accredited Home Learning Course

Westminster Insurance    Accredited by the GHT  All courses are fully insurable in the UK

Reflexology Course ManualWhether you want to upskill, retrain for an exciting new career, or want to learn a range of life-enhancing therapies for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones, our Home Study Qualification courses can be the perfect fit for you.   


Our beginner’s home learning course in Reflexology is designed for anyone who wants to become a Holistic massage therapist. Using our detailed course manual alongside the FREE instructional tutor-led videos (available from June 2022) you will learn how to perform the best selection of essential reflex massage techniques so that you can confidently deliver a professional reflexology treatment.


The beautifully written and illustrated course manual guides you through a pre-treatment consultation and it also provides you with essential knowledge on the relevant anatomy and physiology plus covering the wide range of benefits from having a massage and how to identify contraindications.


How does home learning work?

  • This home learning course in reflexology requires you to study your course manual and pass an online multiple choice test paper.
  • You then learn the techniques by following the tutor led instructional video supplied with your course.
  • We also recommend that you complete several case studies before offering treatments. The case studies are self-assessed and help you become familiar with the treatment sequence and client consultation processes.


Our Certificate Qualification is awarded as soon as you pass the online theory test and allows you to work as a self-employed therapist, start your own home-based business, or even work as a mobile therapist.


This course is suitable for complete beginners and also useful for those who wish to brush up on their techniques.


UPGRADE OPTION: Should you wish, you can upgrade to a Diploma qualification and attend practical training once you've passed your Certificate course.

Online Course with Certificate £125.00

Certificate Qualification in Full Reflexology Offer treatments professionally and to your family & friends, or just for the fun of learning.

When you undertake an online Certificate course you don't receive any kind of practical tuition. You still receive all of the lovely course materials and 3 months free access to online tutorial videos to assist and support your learning. Online courses (aka home learning courses) are ideal if you prefer to study in the confort of your own home and without time restraints. With our Certificate courses you'll be able to offer treatments professionally and to your family and friends. Once qualified you can obtain therapist insurance from Westminster Insurance and others we recommend.

Accredited by the Therapy Training Academy  Accredited by the IGCT



More about the course

Questions and answers

  • Is this course suitable for beginners?

    Yes. All of the course training options are perfect for beginners as well as CPD for practicing therapists.

  • Where can i read a detailed FAQ for home learning Certificate COURSES?
    Visit this link to read our detailed FAQ for Certificate courses >
  • Can I offer treatments professionally with this qualification?

    Yes you can. You're able to obtain professional therapist insurance from Westminster Insurance, Towergate Insurance and others.

    Yes, we do (from June 2022). All students undertaking a Certificate course get 3 months free access to the tutorial videos. These can be streamed directly to your TV, laptop, desktop computer or hand held device.

    Course Modules

    This is the background and theory that you study from home and then complete an online multiple choice test paper. It is easily completed with between 8-12 hours of study time. For some people it may take a little longer.

    Module 1
    What is reflexology?
    The history of reflexology

    Module 2
    Effects and benefits overview
    Effects and benefits in detail

    Module 3
    Bones of the hands and feet
    Reflexology of the hands
    Reflexology of the feet
    Three arches of the feet

    Module 4
    Ethics of massage therapy
    Client consultation skills
    Consultation/treatment environment
    Client education
    Client confidentiality
    Consultation form: overview

    Module 5
    Body mechanics
    Client preparation
    Client care
    Therapist preparation

    Module 6
    Hygiene in reflexology
    Health and safety for reflexology
    Aftercare advice

    Module 7
    How does it work?
    The meridians

    Module 8
    Reflexology techniques

    Module 9
    Treatment formulations

    Module 10
    Reflexology routine
    Routines at a glance

    Additional information
    Case study guidelines
    Case study examples
    Hints and tips
    Your notes and questions

    Additional documents
    Consultation form
    Case study form

    Accreditation & Diploma

    Many of the Diploma courses offered by Therapy Training School are accredited (ie: approved for membership & insurance purposes) by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists (IGCT), the Guild of Holistic Therapists (GHT) and the Guild of Beauty Therapists (GBT). Additionally, Therapy Training School is an approved Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), and this organisation also accredits many of our Diploma courses for membership & insurance purposes.


    All of our Diploma & Certificate training courses throughout the UK are accredited by the IGCT and Therapy Training Academy Ltd and insurance for practicing professionally can be taken out in the UK via Westminster Insurance (highly recommended), Wellbeing Insurance and Towergate Insurance. 


    With professional insurance in place, you will be able to practice as a self-employed therapist from your home/salon or work independently as a mobile therapist. 


    *Before you commit to any course, we strongly advise that you check with your potential employer (and Borough Council, if you wish to work in London) to ensure that the qualification you have decided to undertake will be accepted by them, and to find out if you need a licence to work.


    View all accreditation and insurance options here >

    Accredited by the Therapy Training Academy  Accredited by the IGCT  Accredited by the GBT  Accredited by the GHT  Accredited by the IICT  Westminster Insurance    Accredited by the GHT

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