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Reiki Healing - Home Learning Diploma - £295

Fully accredited Diploma Course
Offer Reiki treatments & attunements to clients

Work from home or as a mobile therapist In The UK With This Diploma

Accredited for insurance purposes by: Accredited by the INHA

This is the home learning version of our Reiki Masters training course. Home learning means that you can study this course from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world with no deadlines or timescales.This course is supported by online video clips that show you each of the techniques in detail.


This is the home learning version of our Reiki Masters practitioner training course. This course takes your healing to another level. The Masters Attunement is a very powerful, beautiful and peaceful attunement, raising your vibrational energy and Reiki skills to an advanced level.


You will be taught the Master Symbol and how to use it. Your Master symbol will enable you to give your recipients a very deep level of energetic healing. The art of passing attunements is taught and practised at this level. This course will enable you to teach all levels of Reiki healing to others and to give attunements.Your Distance Attunement takes place at an agreed day and time.


You need to have completed Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two before being able to participate with this course.

  • Quick Overview

  • Home Learning Diploma in Reiki Masters.
    Easy & fun to learn.
    You need to have completed Reiki Levels One and Two in order to begin this course.


    What do I get? You get access to the student area of our website where you can download the course guidance notes and electronic PDF version of the course manual. Once you have passed your theory test, received your Distance Attunement and submitted your 1,500 dissertation you will receive a Diploma in the post within 5 working days.

  • How It Works

  • The theory test: Study your course manual at home and complete a theory test paper online. You can retake the test as many times as you like until you reach the pass mark and at no extra charge.


    Clients consultation and case studies: Once you have passed your theory test you can then go on to complete your client consultation and case studies by following the guidelines provided in your course manual and YouTube instructional videos.


    Attunement: Your Distance Attunement takes place at an agreed day and time. This means that you can sit comfortably at home whilst your Reiki Master Teacher delivers a Distance Attunement for you.


    What qualification do I get? The course is accredited by the

    INHA. You will be awarded a Home Learning Diploma allowing you to also obtain professional therapist insurance from Westminster Indemnity & Towergate Insurance and then begin offering treatments.

    Course Modules

    This is the background and theory that you study at home and then complete an online test paper. In order to be awarded your Diploma you then have a choice of either providing a dissertation or else a copy of your own Reiki course manuals.

    Module 1
    Introduction to Reiki Masters level training

    Module 2
    Introduction to passing attunements
    Reiki: A modern perspective

    Module 3
    The Reiki Masters symbol
    Tibetan Fire Serpent
    Raku (lightening bolt)

    Module 4
    About the attunement process
    Preparing for Attunement

    Module 5
    Reiki attunement process

    Module 6
    How to work with other therapies

    Module 7
    Psychic surgery

    Module 8
    Teaching Reiki level one
    Teaching Reiki level two
    Teaching Reiki Masters

    Module 9
    Being a Reiki master
    Organising Reiki shares

    Module 10
    Case Study & Examples
    Written test

    Additional information
    Recommended reading
    Your Usui Reiki lineage
    Hints and tips
    Your notes and questions

    Additional documents
    Test paper


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  • Accreditation & Diploma

  • Therapy Training School is an approved training provider, and our training courses throughout the UK are recognised and accredited for insurance purposes by UK governing body: International Natural Healers Association (INHA). Insurance can also be obtained for the UK via Towergate Insurance and Westminster Indemnity. You will be able to practice as a self-employed therapist or mobile therapist. Always check with your potential employer (or local council) to ensure that this Home Learning Diploma will be accepted by them.

    Accredited by the IICTAccredited by the INHA

    How long does it take to complete this home study course?

    It can take as little as 12 hours of study time to complete the theory test paper. However you can take as long as you like. There is no time limit.


    In order to be awarded your Diploma you then have a choice of either providing a dissertation or else a copy of your own Reiki course manuals.

  • More Information

  • Course duration: No time limits
    Test paper: Complete online from your home
    Accreditation: INHA
    Membership & Insurance: Available from INHA
    Insurance: Also available from Westminster Indemnity, or Towergate Insurance
    Suitable for: Private practice, self-employed and mobile therapist
    Previous experience: You need to have completed Reiki levels one and two.


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