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Obtain Your Thai Body Massage Training and Qualification with this Accredited Course

Westminster Insurance    Accredited by the GHT  All courses are fully insurable in the UK

This is one of the best Traditional Thai Full Body Massage Courses you will find in the UK. It is intended for those people who are already experienced in delivering body massage or else have studied body massage with our company already.


Learn authentic traditional treatment techniques and sequences. You will receive 2 full days of practical training and learn over 50 authentic Thai massage and body manipulation techniques. We never teach more than 6 people in a class so the quality of tuition is very high and you will get lots of one-to-one attention from your teacher.


Our Thai Massage practitioner training course includes everything you need to safely and professionally conduct a Thai Full Body Massage treatment.


Please note: You need to have a qualification in body massage in order to undertake this course.

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This course is available in 2 formats and payable in instalments. Scroll down the page to view your options.

Solo Tuition with Diploma Qualification £599

One-to-one training delivered by a tutor at their venue. Payable in instalments.

This incredible training option offers the opportunity for you to receive 100% of the teacher's time and attention. Our friendly admin team provide customer support and guidance throughout your training experience. Lovely training materials in PDF format. Theory test to be taken online from the comfort of your own home. 12 hours of one-to-one practical training over 2 consecutive days, mentoring and assessment with an expert teacher at any one of our venues. You need to bring a massage model to work upon. With an accredited Diploma you can start your own home-based or mobile business as a self-employed therapist.

Accredited by the Therapy Training Academy  Accredited by the IGCT  Accredited by the GBT  Accredited by the GHT  Accredited by the IICT


Online Course with Award £125

Offer treatments to your family & friends, or just for the fun of learning.

When you undertake an online Award course you don't receive any kind of practical tuition. You still receive all of the lovely course materials to assist and support your learning. Online courses (aka home learning courses) are ideal if you're not wanting to become a professional therapist but instead you wish to learn a new life skill. With our Award courses you'll be able to offer treatments to your family and friends. Award courses are fully insurable.

Accredited by the Therapy Training Academy  Accredited by the IGCT



More about the course

Questions and answers

  • Is this course suitable for beginners?

    Yes. All of the course training options are perfect for beginners as well as CPD for practicing therapists.

  • Do you have an FAQ for classroom & SOLO diploma courses?
    Visit this link to read our detailed FAQ for classroom & solo training >
  • Do you have an FAQ for home learning AWARD COURSES?
    Visit this link to read our detailed FAQ for award courses >
  • Which course should I undertake if i want to offer treatments professionally?

    If you wish to offer treatments professionally we recommend that you undertake training to Diploma level. You can opt for solo tuition. If you're unsure which type of training will be best for you, please contact our friendly support team to discuss these options.

    Not at the moment, but tutorial videos are scheduled to be available from July 2022. Where available, all students undertaking Certificate and Diploma courses get 3 months free access to the tutorial videos. These can be streamed directly to your TV, laptop, desktop computer or hand held device.

    Course Modules

    This is the background and theory that you study from home and then complete an online test paper before attending your practical training. It is easily completed with between 8-12 hours of study time. For some people it may take a little longer.

    Module 1
    History of Thai full body massage
    Overview of Thai full body massage

    Module 2
    Effects and benefits overview
    Effects and benefits in detail

    Module 3
    The skeletal system
    The muscular system
    The circulatory system
    The skin
    The endocrine system
    The lymphatic system

    Module 4
    Ethics of massage therapy

    Module 5
    Client consultation skills
    Consultation environment
    Client education
    Client confidentiality
    Consultation form
    Notes on consultation form

    Module 6
    Correct body mechanics
    Guidelines for therapist
    Guidelines for client

    Module 7
    Client preparation
    Therapist preparation
    Basic hygiene (therapist)
    Before you begin

    Module 8
    Massage techniques explained

    Module 9
    Information and aftercare advice
    The benefits of drinking water

    Module 10
    Level one massage techniques
    Lying on the back
    • The feet
    • The legs (stretch)
    • Arms and hands
    Lying on stomach
    Massage techniques at a glance

    Additional information
    Case study guidelines
    Case study examples
    Hints and tips
    Your notes and questions
    Client form
    Case study form
    Sen lines of the full body

    Accreditation & Diploma

    Many of the Diploma courses offered by Therapy Training School are accredited (ie: approved for membership & insurance purposes) by the Guild of Holistic Therapists (GHT) and the Guild of Beauty Therapists (GBT). Additionally, Therapy Training School is an approved Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), and this organisation also accredits many of our Diploma courses for membership & insurance purposes.


    All of our Diploma & Certificate training courses throughout the UK are accredited by Therapy Training Academy Ltd (our umbrella organisation)  and insurance for practicing professionally can be taken out in the UK via Westminster Insurance (highly recommended) and Towergate Insurance. 


    With professional insurance in place, you will be able to get a job as a therapist, practice as a self-employed therapist or work independently as a mobile therapist. 


    Our Award courses are recommended for those who wish to deliver treatments to family and friends. Although professional insurance is not a legal requirement, we do advise that you purchase insurance to safeguard your recipients and yourself and to provide you with peace of mind. Insurance for delivering therapy to family and friends can be taken out in the UK via Westminster Insurance (highly recommended) and Towergate Insurance.


    *Before you commit to any course, we strongly advise that you check with your potential employer (and Borough Council, if you wish to work in London) to ensure that the qualification you have decided to undertake will be accepted by them, and to find out if you need a licence to work.


    View all accreditation and insurance options here >

    Accredited by the Therapy Training Academy  Accredited by the IGCT  Accredited by the GBT  Accredited by the GHT  Accredited by the IICT  Westminster Insurance    Accredited by the GHT

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