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A dedicated channel with free videos 

You can now watch all of our therapy training trailers FREE on our new dedicated Vimeo Channel

Our dedicated Vimeo Channel


Our therapy training videos help you better remember and understand how each of the techniques are to be delivered. This means that even when you have completed your training course you can still refer back to the videos to help jog your memory.


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Video trailers for each course

To make things easy we have also created playlists related to each of courses.


Learn Body MassageLearn Body Massage Trailer
Learn Indian Head MassageLearn Indian Head Massage Trailer
Learn Express MassageLearn Express Massage Trailer
Learn Deep Tissue MassageLearn Deep Tissue Massage Trailer
Learn ReflexologyLearn Reflexology Trailer
Learn Thai MassageLearn Thai Body Massage Trailer
Learn Aromatherapy MassageLearn Aromatherapy Massage Trailer


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